Welcome to Thrive Chiropractic Yoga Therapy  ~  Neurofunctional wellness care in a cozy, relational setting.

Chiropractic serves the body to improve neural coordination and communication, optimizing function and full life expression.

Yoga Therapy addresses foundation, structure, motion, mindfulness and breath to bring the individual to new levels of self awareness in body and being.

Both meet the fullness of who we are, as we emanate from source, proactively enhancing vibrant health, grounding our well-being.

Express more of who you are uniquely, beyond limitation.  Experience the limitless stillness of your essence in the eternal now.


Discover THRIVE! Chiropractic Yoga Therapy:  ChiroYoga!

Dr. Lal Kerr honors the wisdom of the body in an evolutionary approach to modern health care and engages health and healing from a “whole Being” perspective.  Her work focuses on neural integration, serving the system to fully process, assimilate and coordinate its array of life experiences, supporting the tissues to functionally and structurally reorganize.

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