Contemplate, Converse, Connect

Since the tumult of 2016, I’ve kept company with the thoughtful words found in the On Being productions, and started paying more attention politically so as not to again be caught unawares. I savor the possibility of humanity rising to our highest potential, yet I sit with the despair of social progress appearing derailed. I know I am not alone… Perhaps you can relate from your own perspective?

So let’s meet. Let’s honor a lunar rhythm to be in touch with the earth and our part in the cosmos. Come explore Contemplative Connections to download and discharge the cognitive dissonance which may arise when self-evident truths around you are undermined. Reclaim your deepest values which may appear to be eroding in public discourse. Clarify your inner guidance system and discover the uniqueness that is you. Choose to be known and to lean into what you personally see as possible, as your contribution for our collective future.

~ Gather on the Waning Moon ~

Seven Sundays: Nov4, Dec2, Feb3, Mar3, Mar31, Apr28, Jun2

Contemplative Connections

This open and ongoing monthly support gathering provides a space to acknowledge that we all witness and are affected by injustice and suffering. Scheduled on seven Sunday evenings from now until summer, it is a place to look within, mindfully respond, and harness the mutual support of community to live into what’s possible.Gather to share your heart with others and be known. In community, open to that which seeks to emerge through you – that gift to the world only you can bring, as your uniqueness, and only in relationship. Using principles such as the Brahmaviharas and the Six Stations of the Mind, we go inward to reflect and open to connect, each time we meet on the waning moon.

Inspired by On Being broadcasts and in the spirit of Citizen University, this group brings mindfulness, contemplation, and yogic principles to personal and collective growth and transformation. Bringing self-awareness into supportive socializing, we can discover our own inner truth, share our discoveries, and open to new modes of personal and collective responsible action.

Sessions involve time spent in mindful movement / breath / asana, self-reflection, meditation, circle interaction and relationship building.

Register now for the entire series – sliding scale offering of $95-$125 for the seven sessions. Drop in $15-$25. Proceeds cover cost of production, scholarships, and surplus is a gift to the DAYA foundation, specifically supporting the upcoming 200hr Teacher Training for incarcerated women at CCCF in Wilsonville to serve the neurodiverse population of inmates.

Bring your Essence. Be Present.

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Lal Kerr, DC, RYT-500
In early adulthood, Lal’s first tastes of yoga included Iyengar and Kundalini. Inspired by spirituality in social change making, she attended and organized events with notables such as Joanna Macy, Ram Dass, and Bill Moyers. After earning her DC degree, she was certified while administering the SF Bay Area’s first 200hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Since 2015, she completed the Yoga & Social Justice 200hr teacher training and the 300hr Yoga Therapy training with Sarahjoy Marsh at DAYA, and both levels of Trauma-Informed, Brain-Sensitive Yoga. She runs Thrive Chiropractic Yoga Therapy in NW Portland.

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