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Thrive Chiropractic Yoga Therapy provides a unique service through one doctor to empower you to discover more supportive ways of being. We reduce subluxation interference with the chiropractic adjustment, enhancing neuromusculoskeletal awareness, function and mobility. Customized, supported yoga sessions build on this enhanced awareness, developing your relationship with breath, refining your posture and movement, and stilling your mind by opening your heart and senses.

Thrivers’ Testimonials.

“Within 2 sessions, Dr. Lal had me pain-free and moving again.”


"My neck is pain free (and it's been years since I have been able to say that)."


“I left the session feeling more alive all over."


“Lal is such an amazing healer! She totally helped me with a stiff neck and back.”


How Can Chiropractic Yoga Therapy Help You?

Chiropractic improves your body’s neural coordination, facilitating optimal function and full life expression. Yoga Therapy builds on these effects of chiropractic adjustments to bring you to new levels of self awareness in body and being. Both meet the fullness of who we are, proactively enhancing vibrant health.

Connect Body, Mind & Essence
to heal and Self-Resolve dysfunction.
Experience more freedom 
to BE and DO more of what you love.


Improves neural coordination and communication, optimizing function and full life expression.

Yoga Therapy

Engages foundation, structure, motion, mindfulness and breath.

We Care

Acknowledging your unique health goals, we design a care plan tailored to your specific needs.


Neural integration serves the system to fully process, assimilate and coordinate its array of life experiences.  ChiroYoga addresses interference to your ability to self-resolve injury, discomfort and constitutional issues.

Modern Health Care

Bringing an evolutionary approach to modern health care, we engage health and healing from a “Whole Being” perspective.

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