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In your 90 minute initial visit session, we review your history and your health goals, conduct a chiropractic physical exam and neurofunctional assessment, and deliver care tailored to our findings.  Typically we include both an adjustment and customized assisted yoga activities.  Let us gather your insurance policy information on our webform and we can check the details about your coverage.

Initial Visit
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Each adjustment session begins with a brief, hands-on, tonal assessment of your body. Mostly the adjusting is very light, releasing tension or stored potential from the soft tissue structures of the body, as they tie into the skeleton, joints, neural tissue and all other organ systems. Encouraging your body’s internally generated forces, Lal uses the least amount of force necessary to overcome the body’s resistance to motion.

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Sessions with Lal are your unique opportunity to receive personally supported neuromusculotherapeutic care from a yogic perspective with a licensed health care professional.  These sessions can directly inform you of how to care for yourself in your own personal home yoga practice and hold the potential for personal transformation.

Yoga Sessions
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Plan your visits so that you have not just eaten a heavy meal, smoked, or consumed alcohol, caffeine or discretionary substances.  Unoccupied with digestion and elimination of toxins, your nerve system will have more awareness and energy available for change and healing.  Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your motion or any part of your body.

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