Dr. Lal works with the body’s three-dimensional form as an expression of neural function. A person’s posture and structural architecture reflects the physical, chemical, emotional and mental experiences and well-being of that individual. All of these components of our being are brought together by and mediated through the nerve system, the physical and electro-chemical conduit for consciousness.

Each adjustment session begins with a brief, hands-on, tonal assessment of your body to determine if and how the system is unaware of itself and what patterns of stored information are ready to be engaged. For the adjustment, you may need to be face-down, face-up, seated or sometimes even standing – depending upon which plane of the geometry is involved in the disconnection or subluxation pattern to be addressed. Your job is to relax and get into your body. You are encouraged to move or stretch at any time you feel the need, letting the breath become full and open. You may be asked to breathe into a certain area of the body, or to move a certain way – all to help your body access what it’s been ignoring or hiding from itself just to get along and keep going in life.

Mostly the adjusting is very light, releasing tension or stored potential from the soft tissue structures of the body, as they tie into the skeleton, joints, neural tissue and all other organ systems. Encouraging your body’s internally generated forces, Lal uses the least amount of force necessary to overcome the body’s resistance to motion, initiating a gentle, complete release. High velocity force inputs, such as the widely expected joint “popping” or “cracking” type of adjusting forces, are rarely, if ever, applied.

The process of the adjustment is both physical and energetic in nature, initiating changes to the structure with gentle inputs. With Lal’s chiropractic approach, the intelligence of your system is assisted, through increased awareness of itself, to move accumulated patterns of stored information or potential energy (subluxations) which have been distorting the body’s geometry and causing internal communication breakdowns. As the body connects with the stored tension, the adjustment converts potential to kinetic energy. Distortions and neural interferences clear as the system acknowledges, processes and fully integrates what was too much for it to deal with at the time it was experienced and stored.

In general, people find the adjusting process relaxing, refreshing, or sometimes deeply moving or intense. Occasionally, old memories or feelings may come up during adjustments, and the adjusting room is a safe space to express anything from laughter to tears, etc., as the experience arises. Releasing tension through internal organ systems may initiate a physically detoxifying experience in addition to associated feelings. Physical discomforts may arise and move through the system during the adjusting process. Freely shifting the body’s position or opening the breath to such areas can be helpful in providing more momentum. Often people simply describe a greater sense of openness and awareness in their system.

As layers of tension continue to release during each adjustment, the posture opens, reorganizes, and the body’s architecture visibly, structurally and functionally shifts. The body reflects increased integrity of the neural system, greater health and vitality through higher levels of awareness and organization. Dr. Lal provides a tonal, structurally specific chiropractic approach, allowing the body and being to more fully express and function from it’s own Innate Intelligence. Experience living from that place of inborn wisdom — Get adjusted and THRIVE!