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Get the Most from your Adjustments

  • Plan your visits so that you have not just eaten a heavy meal, smoked, or consumed alcohol, caffeine or discretionary substances.  Unoccupied with digestion and elimination of toxins, your nerve system will have more awareness and energy available for change and healing.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your motion or any part of your body.  Please, no tight jeans or pantyhose (feel free to bring a change of clothes with you).
  • Remove your eyeglasses, hat, or any kind of headgear.  Empty all pockets.  Remove your belt, heavy jewelry, anything that might interfere with your comfort during the adjustment.
  • Experience your Adjustment.  Close your eyes and relax, but stay present.  Refrain from the distraction of unnecessary talking or chatting.  Be with your body deeply and notice the sensations and feelings that occur.
  • Breathe deeply and comfortably.  Expansive in-breaths and relaxed out-breaths often bring more momentum to the system.  Breathe into or through any areas that feel stuck, numb or painful.
  • Feel free to move.  Stretch, rock, change positions.  Allow motion, sound, expression of feelings – let your inner wisdom move you.
  • Drink water (6-8 glasses each day), especially after your adjustment.
  • Expect changes in all areas of your life as your system unwinds, expressing its intelligence more clearly, expressing more of you.
  • Take time to do absolutely nothing on a daily basis.  Five minutes of rest goes a long way!  Hang out after your adjustment, if need be.
  • Listen to your inner voice, the best doctor you could ever consult.
  • Be willing to grow beyond your usual frame of consciousness.
  • Know that your inner healer is perfectly orchestrating your evolution.
  • Remember: The Way Out is Through.