Let us gather your insurance policy information via the electronic form below and we can check the details about your coverage by the time you arrive for your first visit.  If you hold a secondary policy, please complete the insurance webform twice with the separate details from the primary and secondary policies.  We can accept cash, check and charge at time of service.  We can also electronically invoice you, so you can pay from home at your convenience to save time at your visit.

We have a schedule of Standard Fees and we also extend Time-of-Service (TOS) discounts when payment is made at or prior to the actual visit.  Your initial visit may be covered in full or in part, or you may have to reach a deductible before your policy starts paying.  Discounts and value packages also come in handy when deductibles are large, allowed limits are small, maximums met or benefits unavailable, so make sure to inquire.  When ineligible for reimbursement, the initial 90 minute session runs $185 TOS, and subsequent visits range from $65-$185 TOS, based on the length of the session.

Many find it convenient to handle the financial end electronically. We are able to bill most private health plans, which will pay for your care after you meet a deductible.  Our access to billing Medicaid may be limited. We do not participate in Medicare, but we can bill them to reimburse you. Dr. Kerr is an in-network provider for Regence BC/BS, Providence and Pacific Source.  Moda, UHC and other companies can be billed out-of-network, but Kaiser cannot.

Please enter your insurance information using the fields below so we may verify the terms of your benefits.

Alternatively, you may scan or photograph the front and back of your insurance card and email it to us along with your date of birth in the body of the email.

    For motor vehicle accidents and personal injury claims only:


    Downloadable Forms

    General Initial Visit Form
    Notice of Privacy Practices

    About Your First Visit:

    In your 90 minute initial visit session, we review your history and your health goals, conduct a chiropractic physical exam and neurofunctional assessment, and deliver care tailored to our findings.  Typically we include both an adjustment and customized assisted yoga activities.  The information gathered here informs our care plan, which we formulate and put into action together.  Once you have experienced a session, during your second visit we can see how your body responded and together formulate our most optimal course of action.  You are welcome to schedule your follow up visit when scheduling your initial.

    To start your care as well-oriented as possible, please give as much detail as is comfortable for you on your forms.  Download, complete and sign the 6 page initial visit form with the link to the right, then scan and email it to us prior to your visit.  Just FYI, when any PDF is downloaded, it opens up in your browser by default.  This will not allow you to save it, but it should allow you to print it.  If you open it up using a PDF editor, such as Acrobat, Preview, etc., it will both save and print just fine.  To avoid technological challenges, we recommend downloading and printing the blank form to fill out by hand.  Page 4 is not fillable on the pdf, so printing is necessary to complete this page.  Also, signing requires printing, but if you submit your saved form with your name on the signature lines in a PDF editor, we can consider it an agreed legal signature when we receive it via email.

    It’s preferable to review your information prior to your arrival, and our email uses an encryption service to protect your health information.  We are happy to email you the initial visit forms for you to print if you have trouble downloading them. Click here to write us an email with your scanned completed form or to request a blank initial visit form as an email attachment.  You can also bring the completed form with you to your visit if need be.